As quintessential to the Thanksgiving table as turkey and stuffing, are the people who sit around it. An assortment of predictable family and close friends, they surround the roasted bird, adding personality and conversation to the tablescape. From the wise patriarch to your tall-tale-telling cousin, holiday get-togethers are the stuff family memories are made of. To keep the thankful feelings flowing like wine, and the good times lasting well into the evening, we recommend pairing the predictable characters at your feast with Archetype cigars as legendary as their inspirational namesake.


A solid, all-around smoke that’s not too strong, a Dreamstate cigar is well-suited for your mild-mannered mother, who is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite when she brings out the pies.

Axis Mundi

An icon of quiet strength and keen insight spoken while presiding over the table, the Axis Mundi is your father’s cigar. The trunk of a family tree, this top-rated cigar has a complex layering of flavor, and a powerful blend of high expectations and unwavering perfection.

Sage Advice

It’s your turn to give Grandfather some Sage Advice. A medium-bodied smoke with a blend of seven prized tobaccos, this cigar evokes a tapestry of flavors reminiscent of a lifetime of stories past and those yet to come.

Strange Passage

Outspoken and unapologetic, Strange Passage is a flawless pairing for your opinionated older uncle. Not one to hold back, this expressive cigar is strong with multi-dimensional flavors that transform over the course of the smoke and the evening’s conversations.


Much like your brooding cousin, Ray, Initiation is a cigar of quiet complexity and interesting nuance. The effort is part of its charm, and once engaged, the flavor is unleased and continues to intensify.

A good cigar is always a smart end to any day. When the evening involves the pressure of a holiday and many personalities in the same room, it’s even smarter to keep people occupied and enjoying themselves. Archetype Cigars, for your family’s legends- A holiday wouldn’t be the same without them.