About an hour South East of Brussels, you’ll find the village of Haneffe (pronounced ‘aneffe). About 2 years, Jean-Christophe Holley started a cigar club with 4 members whom frequently gathered together in order to enjoy their favorite cigars. Fast forward to today, and the club now boasts over 60 members.

On a regular basis, the events are held in a local pub, and up until now, have been only cigar events. On February, 14th, 2017 Erik Stokkebye, the master behind 4th Generation Tobacconist, was invited to showcase the latest pipes and pipe tobacco blends from 4th Generation.

By the time the night was through, more than 40 members descended upon the pub to listen to Erik’s presentation, as Jean-Christophe translated to French. The evening was capped off with Dinner and Belgian Trappist beer. The most popular item of the evening was 4th Generation Tobacconist’s 1855 blend.

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