• What The What is Andullo?

    You've never heard of it, you want to try it... But what IS Andullo?

    Andullo is the mystery tobacco in Project805. It's the soul of the stick, and is what gives this Dominican Puro uncharacteristic complexity and flavor.

    Want to know more? Need to know all about Andullo? Read on my friend...

    The Andullo in Project805 is native to the south Dominican Republic; however, Andullo has been enjoyed by the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean for at least 500 ... Read More

  • Two New Brands from Ventura Cigar

    Today we announce the launch of two new brands, Project805 and PSyKo SEVEN. THIS IS HUGE NEWS. Not only are they the first new brands from Ventura Cigar Company in over two years, but Project805 & PSyKo SEVEN represent the new direction of Ventura Cigar Company: Edgy, unique, and focused on a segment of smokers who are looking for something interesting.

    Project805 hits store shelves in Mid-July. It is a ... Read More