• Hot Off The Presses

    Project 805 Toro received 91 points in the March/April 2015 issue of CA, distinguishing itself as the second highest rated Corona Gorda in the world for 2015. Project 805 is Dominican Puro, expertly crafted cigar at the world renowned La Aurora S.A. cigar factory in Santiago. The unique blend embraces rare and well aged tobaccos, prominently featuring Adullo ligero tobacco which imparts a rich smoothness to the blend that’s to be experienced. Aficionado’s the world over are hailin ... Read More

  • President Obama Initiates Restoration of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

    President Obama announced the initiation of re-establishing full diplomatic relations with the Cuban government. The question begging to be asked now is, “What does it mean for the cigar industry now and in the future?” For the short-term, it will have little to no impact for manufactures, distributors and retailers.

    Travel restrictions will be lifted for importers/exporters immediately. Licenses for travel can be obtained through the Treasury Department Office of Asset Co ... Read More

  • Smoke with VCC at #CaliMegaHerf Sept. 25-28, 2014

    Join Ventura Cigar Company at the four-day premiere Southern California cigar event of 2014. The first ever Cali Mega Herf welcomes Jonathan Drew for four days of great cigars, good company, and that amazing SoCal weather.

    The Cali Mega Herf will give Southern California cigar aficionados a chance to mingle with special guest cigar brand owners to show these industry leaders that our region is a strong market for your favorite cigar makers.

    We’ll be along for the ride Fr ... Read More